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No cleaning, please.

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 21, 2017 14:56 CEST

Now you can choose not to have your room cleaned for the sake of nature

If you stay more than one night with us at Nordic Light Hotel you can now choose not to have your room cleaned the extra days you stay. You simply notify us via a hanger on your door.

For your cares, we will donate 20 sek to the WWF:s project ”Save the Baltic Sea”

The Baltic Sea is amongst the most vulnerable marine ecosystems in the world due to eutrophication, pollution and over fishing. But it is not too late, together we can still help save the Baltic Sea.

Read more about WWF:s actions here (only available in Swedish): http://www.wwf.se/wwfs-arbete/hav-och-fiske/radda-ostersjon/1181754-radda-ostersjon-startsida

So, do nature a favor and choose not to have your room cleaned!

We believe that we, both as a hotel and as an employer have a social and environmental responsibility. We are a part of the society, which also means we are a part of the usage of chemicals, transports to and from the hotel, usage of energy and waste consumption.The above mentioned action is one of those we make under the name “Pay it Forward”. We want to create a chain reaction of good activities for nature or somebody else, with the hope that they will create a good activity for someone else, with the wish that they will do the same… and so on, and so on.

We want to reduce our ecological footprint and set an example for others to follow, on how to run hotels and be environmentally sound.

contact & information:

Madelene Ek | Value Coordinator


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